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10 Tips to Slim at Every Age!

This summer the struggle with my waistline has been real! I’m talking 10 extra pounds...

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Buddha Bowl Craze!

What are these?? and why is everyone obsessed with them all of a sudden? It’s...

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New Hair, New Site, New Features!

It’s all new! A membership to The Local Vegan will give you exclusive access to a...

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Cauliflower Taco Crazy!

Crazy? More like OBSESSED! Lately, I have been obsessed with creating the best cauliflower taco....

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Why Go Vegan?

If a slimmer waist line, glowing complexion, high energy, and a reduced risk of heart...

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30 Health and Wellness Tips

  I get a lot of emails asking what my daily routine eating plant-based looks...

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No More Calorie Counting!

The best part about a plant-based diet is.....you don't have to count calories! 

My days revolve around food. I can't wait until the next meal. I am an emotional eater.

Stress = bring on the white carbs!

Sad = bring on the cupcakes! 

So eating plant-based, saves my ass (literally)!


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